At Redrow we have a reputation for building award winning homes.

Our sales and marketing activities promote the quality of our homes and developments and have established the Redrow brand as one of the UK’s leading homebuilders.


Our brand purpose is central to everything we do: everyone in the business, across all levels, locations and functions has a clear sense of purpose and how they contribute to the team effort which underpins our continued success.

This shared vision is particularly important as the business grows and new colleagues join the team. Redrow strives for continuous improvement regardless of how good the previous performance level has been. This is achieved through Group-wide values of hard work, attention to detail, innovation, passion and the pursuit of excellence. Communication is an essential ingredient and senior management across the Group endeavour to ensure that everyone in the business understands the brand purpose and why Redrow operates in a certain way: The Redrow Way.





At Redrow, our attention to detail and focus on how we can improve our customers’ lifestyles ensures our homes remain sought-after and award winning. This is reflected in the high level of interest generated through all our marketing platforms – particularly our website,, and major social media channels. We work hard to understand our customers’ needs and preferences and in particular how they want us to communicate with them. Buyer profiles have been created for all of our house types and a detailed understanding of the media each segment prefers to use to inform their buying decision, enables us to maximise our return on marketing investment.

The presentation of our show homes is also essential to showing our customers how our homes can meet and be furnished to suit their lifestyles. Our Interior design team keep abreast of the latest fashion trends to ensure our show homes are contemporary and empathetic to a wide range of lifestyles.


Our sales consultants pride themselves on their product knowledge and customer communication and engagement. They receive regular training and each year the entire team come together at the Annual Sales Conference to discuss market conditions, sales strategies and product innovation. Over 400 people attended the event in January 2017 which culminated in an award ceremony to recognise exceptional performance throughout the previous year.

To best share and implement the ideas that come forward from events such as the Annual Sales Conference, a Sales Excellence Champions Group has been created. They meet regularly to discuss new ideas and to agree programmes to implement new initiatives to improve sales performance.


To ensure we keep in the forefront of product design we regularly commission market research. To better understand what creates great places to live we have recently undertaken research into sustainable communities. The findings of the research are set out in a report – ‘Creating Britain’s New Communities’. The report outlines a framework to help ensure developments foster a sense of community. One of the key findings from the report is that 81% of people don’t think the Government is doing enough to prioritise creating communities. When asked what features are most important to a new community, the 2,000 respondents ranked ‘access to a doctor’s surgery’ highest closely followed by high speed broadband and green open spaces.

We are also actively involved in two research projects looking at the role new homebuilding has on health. In the Town and Country Planning Association’s ‘Developers and Wellbeing’ project we have participated in national and local events, workshops, interviews and case studies. The objective of the project is to better understand the role planning and the development process has in improving the health and wellbeing of communities. In addition, as a major developer working in urban environments, we are assisting the research team to identify the barriers and opportunities for making urban environments healthier and more sustainable.

Case study




One example is the introduction of 3D immersive and interactive site plans in place of models. These allow users to accurately see in virtual reality where their home is situated, even being able to walk to or out of their front door. It is therefore possible to experience, in virtual reality, the development long before it is built.

They can also remove the roof from any house type and see the layout in 3D, walk through the house and benefit from a much clearer understanding of the living space and flow.

This technology is linked directly to Redrow’s sales and build management system in real time so that sales consultants are always showing the very latest sales position to purchasers and are able to give the best possible advice.

3D kitchen configurators also help people to make more informed decisions on the various combinations that appeal most to them and how they might choose to upgrade some items.

User feedback from sales staff and customers has been extremely positive with many sales consultants reporting that the technology has helped them to increase sales.


"The Futurium system is a fantastic tool that enables us to show the customer what their home will look like and remove the need to try and imagine how it might appear, it really takes the site plan into the 21st century."

Rob McCann
Sales Consultant, Woodford Garden Village, Cheshire

"Having recently completed and moved into our new Redrow home, it was amazing to view the plot we bought and how it would look from the very beginning of the project when there wasn't even a brick laid, and how true to life it was when compared to the final outcome."

Mr John Wildman
Customer, Woodford Garden Village, Cheshire