A better way to live

Creating thriving communities

At Redrow, we build more than just homes; we create thriving communities. We are growing in both reputation and popularity by providing what modern homebuyers want, from their homes, from their neighbourhood and from their local environment. Redrow creates a better place to live by putting customer expectations at the heart of our home designs. Our creative and determined approach combines the best of town and country to create healthy, vibrant communities.

Inside our homes we have enhanced our specification by making our ceilings higher, our doors and windows taller and increasing the floor space. Outside, we have created public open spaces, sports facilities, footpaths and cycleways and contributed £163m to local communities in the last year alone.

What’s more, we are growing the scale of these ideas; leading the way in the garden village movement so that even our largest developments offer the same superb quality of life.

Our developments encourage a better way to live, connecting people to community and nature, enabling happier, healthier lifestyles.


"We create networks of footpaths and cycleways to encourage families out into their community to enjoy precious time together in beautiful landscapes."

Matthew Pratt
Regional Chief Executive


A better way to work

Valuing people

At Redrow, we value both our own people and our partners when we build homes and form communities. We know that to grow as a business we need to make sure that every one of our team has the opportunity to grow as an individual.

We develop all of our people, to help them achieve their full potential, both for themselves and for our business. We have delivered c6,800 training days in the last year alone, with no less than 15% of our total workforce in trainee roles.

Of course, there is more to working at Redrow than just work, and we strive to promote the highest degree of wellbeing throughout our team, respecting diversity in all its forms.

As well as developing our current team, we are also looking to the future, working with schools and colleges to encourage the next generation to consider careers in homebuilding and construction.

Our approach to training and development creates a better way to work, supporting all our employees to fulfil their potential.


"Redrow values each and every one of our staff, providing opportunities for everyone, because we know that real success is the success that you share."

Karen Jones
Group HR Director


A better way to build

Building Responsibly

As a responsible business, sustainability is at the heart of our operations.

We are proud to have received a Gold award from the NextGeneration benchmark for our management approach and sustainable procurement, alongside achieving ISO14001 certification, in recognition of our focus on reducing our environmental impact across the business.

We were the first housebuilder to be awarded the Three Trees accolade on the WWF Timber Scorecard, which we have retained for a second year, with 99.94% of our timber responsibly sourced.

We have invested in a reporting tool that monitors in excess of 200 sustainability KPIs, which enables us to analyse our operations in great detail, ensuring that as our business grows, we can demonstrate the wider positive environmental, social and economic effects we have on the communities in which we develop.

As we grow, we are working hard to minimise waste, reduce energy consumption and cut carbon emissions, while maximising the amount of land available in each development for open spaces, woodlands and wildlife habitats.

We know that we are not just building homes for today, but building a sustainable future for generations to come.

"Redrow were benchmark leaders in environmental site management and sustainable procurement. We expect that Redrow will continue to rise in our rankings using their newly integrated strategy."

Claire Racine
Associate Director, NextGeneration


A better way to ADD value

Generating sustainable growth for shareholders

As we announce our seventh consecutive year of growth, Redrow continues to set the benchmark for delivering sustainable returns for our Shareholders.

All of our key indicators are up, from revenue and legal completions to earnings per share and dividends and the value of our order book. We are contributing more to the UK economy, delivering more homes to meet the national housing shortage and helping more homebuyers than ever before.

We ensure that we grow in a carefully planned and sustainable way and in 2017 over 60% of plots added to our current land bank were converted from our forward land bank. By doing this we are securing the future for our business, our employees and our investors.

This considered and responsible growth strategy means we can continually improve the returns for our Shareholders, without compromising the quality of our product, our commitment to our customers or our focus on sustainability.

By delivering solid, sustainable growth, at Redrow we reward our Shareholders, adding lasting value to their investment.

"Our success is attributable to a robust business model implemented by a talented team of people across a well-structured divisional organisation."

John Tutte
Group Chief Executive