To create long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders by delivering to our communities high quality homes and environments that provide a better way to live.

Grow our business responsibly

We have a clearly defined growth strategy, to increase revenue, profits and returns to shareholders by increasing outlets and legal completions over the medium-term.

Measure 2020 Objectives Key Performance Indicators
    2017 2016
EPS EPS increasing to 95p 70.2p 55.4p
DPS DPS of 32p 17p 10p
Revenue Revenue increasing to c£2.2bn £1,660m £1,382m
Sales outlets 150 outlets 132 128
Manage our resources efficiently

To ensure that we grow our business responsibly, we are focused on managing all our resources efficiently and effectively.


Measure 2020 Objectives Key Performance Indicators
    2017 2016
ROCE ROCE of 25+% 26.0% 23.7%
Land bank years Maintain land bank at c4 years 4.5 years 4.95 years
Waste diverted
from landfill
>95% 95.4% 94.8%
Create better places to live

We are focused on creating high quality places to live by delivering well designed, well built, attractive homes whilst at the same time enhancing the beneficial characteristics of the local landscape, ecology and communal resources.

Measure 2020 Objectives Key Performance Indicators
    2017 2016
Monies committed to
fund improvements to local communities
Continued investment in local communities £163m £142m
Affordable homes delivered 1,014 834
Put customers first

We are working hard to ensure we are well placed to deliver the best possible customer service and customer experience as our number of customers increases in line with our growth strategy.

Measure 2020 Objectives Key Performance Indicators
    2017 2016
90% or more customer recommend rating HBF 90% customer recommend rating 88.9% 88.4%
Private reservation rate (excluding PRS) Maintain an appropriate balance in availability of product in the right locations 0.68 0.70
Value and develop our people

We are focused on developing the skills of our current team and ensuring we attract both experienced talent and new and enthusiastic young people into our business to underpin our growth objectives. Our training centres, dedicated Learning and Development team and innovative graduate and apprentice programmes play an important role in delivering our strategy.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety as our business grows. We have again expanded our own in-house dedicated team of Health and Safety professionals to ensure that our teams on site are appropriately trained, supported and monitored.

Measure 2020 Objectives Key Performance Indicators
    2017 2016
Number of trainees Maintain level of trainees at 15% of an increasing workforce 328 297
Accident incident rate by site Accident incident rate by site maintained at 0.3 or below 0.30 0.20